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The Summer of Postponments

Summer 2021 has been a truly unforgettable summer! We had numerous weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more across the North East to squeeze in this summer since the lifting of restrictions on ‘Freedom Day’.

Our North East DJ’s have had guests once again, up and dancing on our LED Dance Floors, whilst our Photo Booths have finally had their red curtains reopened for lots of unforgettable guestbook worthy photos!

We have finally been able to serve Popcorn and Candyfloss to hungry guests around Newcastle and surrounding areas, whilst our new Arcade Machines have been able to finally entertain guests! Our 4D Racing Simulators have proved extremely popular and not just with children, but all guests!

Now we are reaching the Christmas Party season, we are able to reflect on the past summer; we believe all events industry suppliers deserve a ginormous pat on the back!

One of our busiest, but favourite days was in July. Following a 2am end to the previous night, our alarms were set for 6am so we could drive to Newton Hall in Northumberland to create a custom Balloon Garland up the exterior staircase and then a Half Balloon Hoop with florals to match the tropical theme. Next we drove to another stunning Northumberland venue, Charlton Hall, where we built an all white Balloon Garland around the ceremony room door, as well as a white Balloon Garland behind the top table.

Our day continued with events across the North East with two Magic Mirrors hires, one with a Vintage frame and the other with a Floral frame, each adding that unique touch, whilst fitting in with the theme. Three other AG Events teams were busy entertaining guests across the North East with multiple Photo Booth hires or delivering picture perfect backdrops with our Flower Wall and Shimmer Wall hires. Our Light Up Letters also made quite a statement throughout the day with couples choosing their Initials in 5ft Light up Letters or their new surname.

Check out the photos below to get an insight into our busiest day of Summer 2021!

White Photo Booth hire at Newton Hall in Northumberland

Tropical Half Balloon Hoop hire with Foliage and Mr & Mrs Neon Sign at Newton Hall

White Balloon Garland with White Flowers At Charlton Hall, around the ceremony room

Photography by Little Miss Boyco

Tropical 10m External Staircase Balloon Garland at Newton Hall

Photography by Phoebe Jane Photography

Photography by Phoebe Jane Photography

5ft Light up Surname Letters at Healey Barn

5ft Light up Surname Letters at Newton Hall

5ft Light Up LOVE Letter hire at Matfen Hall, perfect as the ceremony backdrop in the Great Hall

Magic Mirror hire with Red Carpet and Red Ropes at Le Petit Chateau in Otterburn.


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