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Level Up Your North East Event with Arcade Fun and More!

Are you planning a wedding, birthday bash or corporate soirée and want something entertaining and a little bit different? Then look no further! AG Events is your go-to source for unforgettable entertainment. Let’s dive into the exciting world of Arcade Games and why AG Events should be your top choice.

1. The Ultimate Interactive Experience: PONG Table

Imagine a game that blends nostalgia with cutting-edge technology. Our PONG Table does just that! It’s not your typical screen-based arcade game; it’s a physical marvel. High-tech magnets and pulleys propel 3D blocks across the table’s expansive surface. Guests will be mesmerised as they compete in this modern twist on a classic favorite.

Plus, the table itself is a showstopper—complete with LED stools that light up the room! Whether it’s a wedding reception or a corporate team-building event, the PONG Table is a guaranteed hit.

2. Race to Victory: Twin Racing Simulators

Rev up the excitement with our Twin Racing Car Simulators. Picture this, two massive 43-inch 4K screens, authentic race bucket seats, and force feedback steering wheels. It’s like stepping into a Top Gear episode! Guests will channel their inner Lewis Hamilton as they compete for the fastest lap time. And guess what? We crown the speed demon of the night with a special prize. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding or a corporate party, the Twin Racing Simulators bring the thrill of the track right to your North East venue.

3. Buzzing with Fun: Giant Buzz Wire

Remember those tiny buzz wire games where you’d carefully manoeuvre a hoop without touching the wire? Well, we’ve supersized the fun! Our Giant Buzz Wire is a crowd-pleaser. It’s perfect for parties, competitions, and team-building events. Whether you’re a Northumberland bride planning your dream wedding or a Newcastle office manager organising the annual summer bash, the Giant Buzz Wire adds that extra spark to your event.

4. Roll up! Roll up! Roll & Bowl

Get the ball rolling with our insanely fun and impressive "Roll & Bowl" game. Up to 4 players compete against each other by rolling their balls towards the end of their playing area with the aim to get them in the various scored holes to advance their horse along the racetrack. First past the post is the winner! Feeling festive? If you're having a Christmas Party or a Festive theme party we also have a Reindeer Roll & Bowl!

Watch our Roll & Bowl in action here!

5. You can't beat a classic: Retro Arcade PacMan Machine

Who doesn’t love a classic arcade game! Our retro upright arcade machines for hire come with lots of classic games installed, including everyones favourite, PacMan! Fun for all ages and perfect for any occasion our Retro Arcade Machine is always a hit at Northumberland Weddings, Newcastle Parties and more!

Ready to Level Up? Book AG Events Today!

Don’t settle for ordinary entertainment. AG Events brings the extraordinary to your doorstep. From retro Arcade Machines to the fast pace Racing Simulators, we’ve got it all. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we cover the entire UK. So, whether you’re saying “I do” or hosting a corporate awards ceremony, reach out to us for a quote. Book your Arcade Machine Hire package now and let the games begin! 🕹️🎉

Visit our website: AG Events Arcade Machine Hire


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