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Micro Weddings

2020 not only forced micro weddings upon us, but actually popularised them! Couples are now realising the beauty of a micro wedding; having your closest friends and family together to celebrate what will be one of the most special days of your lives.

BUT a micro wedding does not have to mean boring, in fact the opposite. Due to the reduced number of guests at weddings your venue, room styling, entertainment and theme have nothing to hide behind, instead they need to shine.

A micro wedding also enables you the opportunity to really personalise your day, for example with a neon sign that really captures the essence of you and your partners personality; whether you are ‘crazy in love’ or wanting to ‘get this party started’ you can say a lot with a neon sign! Browse our collection of neon signs to see which would fit best with your theme.

Go even further and have your neon sign hanging on a flower wall that ties in with your floral theme, or if you’re going for a quirkier vibe why not a copper stand with flowers draped over it?

If social distancing is a feature of your micro wedding, it doesn’t have to stop the fun, the beauty of our magic mirrors is that they are open air! Guests can still have fun getting their photos together, from a safe distance!

Something which a wedding can’t be without? Music! Even micro weddings still need music, whether it is the light background music to accompany your wedding breakfast or to play your first dance, a wedding DJ is an extremely important part of your day. Not only do our DJ’s play your chosen songs, they also assist with those all-important speeches by providing microphones and even projection screens, which are perfect for bringing zoom guests into the room!


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