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NEW 'Roll a Ball Derby' Fun Fair Game!

Undoubtably the most popular classic fun fair game, Rolla A Ball is now available to hire for your event! Roll a Ball is our new incredible interactive 4 player game and is a guaranteed hit with your guests, creating some lively entertainment throughout the event! Perfect for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays and all other private parties!

To play the game, competitors (up to a maximum of 4 per game) roll a ball along their play table, aiming towards a set of coloured rings. Each coloured ring has a scoring value, which moves their model horse along the track in accordance to the number of points scored. The more points a player scores, the further along the track their horse moves. First player past the post is declared the winner and the action and excitement starts all over again!

Having a Christmas party? Just request our 'Reindeer Racing' theme and turn this amazing game into a Christmas themed game with racing reindeers instead of horses!

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