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A non-stop start to 2022!

After a crazily busy end to 2021, we have been straight back into the swing of things with hundreds of events and weddings around the North East; without an empty date in the calendar from New Years Day onwards!

2022 has seen the purchase of several new Photo Booths for hire, a new Selfie Pod, Cold Spark Machines, a new white LED Light Up Dance Floor, two new vans and most excitingly...our brand NEW Newcastle Office/Warehouse! Our new warehouse has allowed us to expand more than ever previously possible, with larger facilities to store new equipment and a great space to meet clients to discuss their exciting events! Interested in meeting face to face to plan your next event? Why not get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

We have also expanded our incredible AG Events Team with the appointment of several new incredible staff members!

Photos of all our NEW 2022 products are on the way! We can't wait to show you...


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