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4 things not to miss when planning your wedding ceremony!

Here are 4 essential elements you won't want to miss in your ceremony to make it unforgettable!

1. Personal Vows:

Your ceremony is one of the most significant parts of your wedding day and you want to make sure that it is personal to you both and reflects you as a couple. Your guests want to hear your love story, make them laugh or cry and share anecdotes from your time as a couple!

Photo by: Laura Eddols

2. A Memorable Entrance:

Don't rush your journey down the aisle! Enjoy the moment of seeing all of your guests together for the first time, as well as your ceremony decor and of course the sight of your partner at the end waiting for you.

You're excited to get married and you've been waiting for this moment, but don't run down the aisle! Pick a song that is meaningful to you and take your time.

Photographer: Eye of the Tyne

3. Unique Ceremony Decor:

Personal touches in your decor make all the difference, don't feel that you have to follow what your friends and family think you should have; if colourful Tassel Walls and Neon Signs are your vibe then do you! Or for more subtle options include photos of loved ones, or florals that are significant to you. One of our couples even incorporated a Polaroid Selfie mid ceremony, which they then placed into a time-capsule along with their vows and locked it shut together!

Photographer: Emma and Rich

4. Seating chart!:

This might not spring to mind for the ceremony, but it is important to have a plan of where you would like people to sit as this will save any confusion or stress for your guests who are worried they are sitting on the wrong side or in the wrong row. Whether you want to split the congregation with your friends and family sat on one side and your partners guests on the other, or simply 'pick a seat not a side.' Giving your guests an idea of where you would like them to sit will save time and stress! Rather than having a full seating plan you can include a welcome sign with a slogan like the one above, or perhaps reservation cards on the first few rows of seats for the bridal party, you can also provide a seating plan to the groomsman and

Photographer: Nicola Rothwell


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